“Design for beginners by Paul Boag”

A clear guide in your mailbox

First letter
  1. General information about the course
  2. Learning goals
Location of elements
Second letter
  1. Grid
  2. Adaptability
  3. Visual hierarchy of elements
Location of elements
Third letter
  1. Selecting Fonts
  2. Working with text (font size and type)
Working with color
Fourth letter
  1. Selecting fonts
  2. Selection of colors
  3. Perception of color by people with different eyesight and on different screens
Fifth letter
  1. The role of images on the site
  2. Image size and format
  3. Search for images for your site
  4. Image Correction
Sixth Letter
  1. Texture on the site
  2. Boxes, pointers, dividers
  3. Icon design
Seventh letter
  1. Usability issue
  2. The ways users interact with the design
  3. Links, buttons, forms
  4. Convenient location of elements
Eighth letter
  1. The brand's personality, its "character"
  2. Brand message, ways of interaction with the client
  3. Linking the brand style with the company's activities
  4. Flexibility of brand and color, adaptation for the Internet
Call to action
Ninth letter
  1. Appearance of the call-to-action button
  2. Arrangement of the element, color, font
  3. Usage of the image to attract attention
  4. Latest instructions, tips
  5. Tips for the future