Just an hour per day to build a website on MotoCMS 3 in 5 days

A clear guide in your mailbox

How to make a website using MotoCMS 3
First letter
  1. Demo period - what is it?
  2. How to choose a high-quality hosting
  3. Choosing a domain name for the site
Customize the system for your tasks
Second letter
  1. Your Account page
    1. demos
    2. My purchase
    3. My support
  2. MotoCMS 3.0 activation
  3. SEO and analytics
  4. Mobile version of the site
Create new sections and pages of the site
Third letter
  1. How to work with the site menu
    1. Edit page
    2. Customize the page template
    3. Design of the page
  2. Working with the background of pages
  3. Media Library
Changing the design of your site
Fourth letter
  1. How to manage site colors
  2. How to choose a high-quality hosting
  3. Text Styles
  4. Category "Themes" for the site tuning
Site widgets on MotoCMS 3
Fifth letter
  1. How to customize widgets on the site
    1. How to work with video
    2. How to add a map on the site
    3. Adding Social Networking Buttons
  2. Important Widgets
    1. Container
    2. Row