Shopify Online Store Creation from Ground Up

A free Shopify mastery course

How to create a Shopify store?
First lesson
  1. Create an account
  2. Setting the theme
  3. Theme customization
  4. Recommended theme
  5. How to delete the Shopify online store?
How to Find the Best Shopify Theme?
Second lesson
  1. Reasons Why to Detect Shopify Theme Is So Important
  2. Business With The Appropriate Theme
  3. Prior You Detect A Good Theme
  4. Visit TemplateMonster Marketplace To Find The Perfect Shopify Theme
  5. Enhanced Search Engine
  6. Pay More Attention To A Theme Support
  7. Test And Experiment
  8. Wrapup
Shopify Theme Customization
Third lesson
  1. General view
  2. Header
  3. Image with text overlay
  4. Featured Collection
  5. Image with text
  6. Slideshow
  7. Footer
  8. Custom content
  9. Adding products
Products and Design Details
Fourth lesson
  1. How to add products in Shopify online store?
  2. How to create a collection in Shopify online store?
  3. How to set up a discount collection in Shopify online store?
Orders, Payments & Sales Channels
Fifth lesson
  1. Formats and currency
  2. Managing sales channels
  3. Adding payment providers
  4. Defining the checkout process
  5. Charging taxes
  6. What to do with abandoned checkouts?
Advanced Shopify Store Functionality
Sixth lesson
  1. Analytics
  2. SEO
  3. Additions
  4. Facebook and eBay
  5. Lookbook